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Banano ($BAN)

Banano is a first fork of NANO Currency. using a DAG Technology to offers free and instant transaction around the globe.

Banano is distributed freely!*

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Banano are available worldwide.  So, what you are waiting for?

Features are backed by indonesian monkeys, we are not Banano developer, just a great FAN of the technology.

Your Own Unique Address

Create your own profile and choose your unique monkey name. Please note, you can't use official developer username. (ie: renesq, etc.)


Bored with your old monkey name? no need to create a new account, simply change your username, it's always free. :)

Accept Mobile Payment

Your profile are not just a single pages with your Banano address, but also payment profile pages. Reach your customer and get paid directly!

Stay Connected

We are implementing a multiple address for each account, you can choose which address you want to show as primary wallet on your profile.

About Us

The monkeys behind Banano.ID

Pramono Utomo

Si tukang coding yang hobby bikin aplikasi nggak jelas.


Si preman yang suka berantem kalo ada yang ngajakin ribut di grup.


Si mahasiswa kepo yang suka cari info lahan baru yg bikin cuan.


Si bapak yang suka nyari airdrop token/koin baru pake' banyak akun.