Gift BANANO to friends, family and strangers. Also suitable for secret santa. Just choose a design, click "generate", print the page, and load the account with funds. The recipient can securely sweep the wallet with the Kalium app (Menu option "Load from paper wallet"). Every generated code is unique and random. Caution, the paper wallets are not encrypted, so everyone who is able to make a copy can gain access to the funds. Most browsers will show an accurate print preview. You can adjust scaling percentage in the advanced print settings. Printing may not work in Microsoft Edge.

Download KALIUM Banano Web Wallet

Grey & Yellow

Banano Dev

Green & White

Banano Dev

Christmas Red

Banano Dev

Grey & Green

Banano Dev

ShutUp And Take My Banano

The President

Muslim True Love

Pramono Utomo

Corona (Banovid-19)


Pride of Indonesia

Dx Ed